True country elegance at its best!

Meet the Family

​​​​​​​As life time farmers we have grown to love our way of life, the surroundings, the neighbors and community that we know so well.  We have been blessed with four children.  It is with their help that the farming and wedding events have been possible.  Thankfully, they have been able and willing to share their individual talents and attributes that have made our venture a success. We would like to thank them and also our neighbors and community for the help and support they have given to make our farm, a venue that can be appreciated by many.  

Ryan Postlewait

Our eldest and only son may not be present during most weddings (he is a guy after all) but has helped with the construction of much of the venue, including the construction and design of the ever so famous Hitchin' Post Saloon.   He was and is instrumental in developing and maintaining the orchards that make everything possible.

Charlene Vogel

Our oldest daughter whose wedding was our first and the inspiration for Postlewait’s Weddings. While following her husband and his military career she has developed her own business Charlene Vogel Photography. Her work includes album covers and countless awards and honors. We give a lot of credit to her for so many examples of her beautiful photos throughout our website and other marketing items.

Natalie Johnson

Our middle daughter.  Not only does she have experience in event coordinating at Postlewait’s,  but has gained experience coordinating  for Mercedes Benz . If you are looking to hire a day of coordinator, she is the best for our venue.  She is talented at making an event run smoothly and knows our venue as if she lived here!  Also, known as the family people pleaser, she goes above and beyond to assure your wedding day is the best it can be.

Jacqueline Helbling

Our youngest daughter is also our venue manager.  Her face is most likely the one you will see taking care of your venue needs.  For questions concerning the venue, including rentals, appointments, event set up, she is the one to assist you.  She has come to know what really works and what doesn’t for our venue. After helping us manage countless weddings, we have found her to be professional and attentive.

         Gary and Carolyn Postlewait